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Innovative Investment Strategies


Focused on assisting young companies achieve real growth, we take your company to the next level with our financial expertise. 

Who we are

We are your facilitator. Your assistance. Your investor. We help cultivate your vision, maximize profitability, and provide strategic solutions to conquer the obstacles your organization encounters. We do this through various transactions, such as: 

  • Equity Investments

  • Acquisition Capital

  • Leveraged re-capitalization

  • Management buyouts

  • Corporate divestiture

Who you are

You are a Texas-based business owner of a lower-middle market company. Your company may be in the early stages, or experiencing growth. Your management team is strong, with a solid business plan and healthy profits. You are smart, respectful and have the utmost integrity. You are passionate about your company. You need a little boost to project you into the perfect position for maximum profitability.  

What we look for

Companies that provide business-to-business products or services, with outstanding customer feedback and opportunities to increase market share. Strong financials and high projected growth, with stable profit margins and recurring revenue that is non-cyclical. 


With a wide variety of industry interests, we focus on enterprises which are profitable at the point of our investment, but just need a little boost to maximize their potential. We do consider fledgling companies who have a strong business plan, a committed management team and have identified a significant competitive advantage which they can sustain over time, despite not having a proven track record. We are here to help achieve REAL GROWTH. Not just financial re-engineering. 

An ideal industry would possess the following. 
  • Volume-driven growth

  • Stable pricing and margins

  • Low disruption risk


We are generally not constrained by industry, but prefer businesses in the areas of Technology, Real Estate, and Energy. We typically refrain from restaurants, oil wells and the life science industry. 

Business plan

TWR Properties, LP  |  TWR Properties Series, LP  |  Lounge920, LP  | Cobolt Medical Dabble, LLC   |    R&R Ranches, LP | Round Table Solutions, Inc. | T. Rich Holdings, Inc.  Tailwater Feeder Fund 1, LLC    |  Pillar Fund 1, LLC   |   Quadrant Biosciences, Inc. 

We are fortunate to have several substantial funds, and are generally open to discussions with potential investors who would be interested collaborating. Please contact either of our Principals, Terry or Clay, to discuss potential opportunities. 

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