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Strategic investing, to help achieve your goals

You have a vision. It's what your business could be, with just a little help. It's the extra capital that would build infrastructure, or enable you to hire that office manager so you can focus on production and build profitability. We have the hard-won expertise to help you make your vision a reality.      

Provide Financial Capital 

We support internal growth and opportunistic acquisitions with sound equity investments.

Leverage Networking 

We leverage our extensive contacts in targeted industries, and resource these relationships to help portfolio companies build value.

Develop Strategy 

Innovative approaches based on time-tested methods enable your business become focused on what matters.

Assist in Technology Direction 

Today's ever-changing technological society means your business must evolve with it to remain at the top of your game. Our substantial in-house tech acumen, coupled with our close relationship with numerous technology leaders, provide direction and support where needed. 

Support Talent Acquisition 

Sometimes new markets and high growth can present some challenges in acquiring additional management talent; in such cases, we can help.

Provide funding without operational interference 

If all you need is financial assistance, that's not a problem. In this type of partnership, we leave the day-to-day management to the partner firm.

At R&R Investments, we are investing in YOU. Your business, your product, your potential. We understand that smaller companies feel the same challenges as larger companies, but may lack the capital or capacity to address those challenges. We understand that you have different needs, and those needs will change and evolve as your business grows. With a focus on that evolution, we provide assistance in a number of ways.   

Our value is in the details


Texas: a great state with an outstanding business ecosystem. At R&R Investments, we focus on the TexPlex, the metropolitan corridor from DFW to Houston. 

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